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P: 720-837-2158 or 720-837-2159
F: 303-935-5085
E: info@insightsdenver.com

Insights specializes in diagnostic and therapy services for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and comorbid anxiety and depression. Insights also offers support to families and caregivers of individuals with these disorders. Dr. Claire Dumke and Dr. Nancy Cason have a combined 40+ years of experience working in the field. Please call or email with any questions or concerns you might have about yourself or your child…we look forward to getting to the heart of the matter and helping to put the pieces together!


  • Therapy


    • Individual Therapy
    • Family Therapy
    • Couples Therapy
    • Sibling Therapy
    • Group Therapy
  • Diagnostic


    • Autism/ASD
    • Asperger’s Syndrome
    • ADHD
    • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
    • Anxiety/Mood
  • Educational/Developmental


    • Cognitive/IQ
    • Educational Assessment
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Adaptive Functioning
    • Disability Determination
  • Consultation


    • Parent Support
    • Behavior Consultation
    • Trainings
    • Public Speaking


What sets us apart? The Insights Model™.
At Insights, Colorado Assessment & Therapy we utilize a unique approach to diagnostic evaluations. We believe that an in-depth assessment of an individual should never be done in isolation by just one clinician. Instead, we employ a team of skilled clinicians; Dr. Cason and Dr. Dumke, both founders and directors of Insights, are involved in every evaluation, lending their 40+ years experience to every assessment that comes through our door. By utilizing The Insights Model™, we have a team of specialized professionals participating and contributing to the outcome of each evaluation. Having two or more clinicians involved in each evaluation allows for an in-depth analysis regarding diagnosis and recommendations. Additionally, using this team approach also allows all the testing to typically be completed in one day, instead of multiple visits to the office.